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Akyga AK-NU-12 Laptop PSU 65 W 18.5 V DC, 19 V DC, 19.5 V DC, 20 V DC 3.5 A

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Akyga® AK-NU-12 is a universal power supply for different types of notebooks that are supplied with power in the range 18.5V/19V/19.5V/20V with power 65W. It has a set of 6 interchangeable sockets. The connectors differ in their internal and external dimensions and in the presence of the pin. This type of solution is especially recommended for people who want to supply different models of laptops from different brands without buying and carrying many different power supplies. If you want to adapt the power supply to a completely different product range, you only need to change the plug. The supply at the output is adjusted automatically after connecting a suitable plug. A power cable has a ferrite filter that limits the interference from the network. The set of fuses OVP, OTP, OPP, SCP and OCP guarantees safe and stable work of both supplied devices and a power supply. Additional safety for devices is ensured by the applied technology of a so-called milder start, which neutralizes a shock that occurs with the first electric shock during a device’s power-on. The set with six interchangeable plugs contains: K2H – 18.5 V / 19.5 V 7.4V 5.0 mm + pin; K4 – 19 V 5.5×3.0 mm + pin; K5 – 19 V / 20 V 5.5×2.5 mm; K6 -19 V 5.5×1.7 mm; K15D – 19.5 V 7.4V 5.0 mm + pin; K17 – 18.5 V / 19.5 V 4.8×1.7 mm; all Akyga power supplies are packed in environmentally friendly EcoBox packaging and have an added power cable. We recommend you use our search engine for laptop power supplies.This text is machine translated.

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